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When you start using your mocamPro App, two individual images will be taken. First you get a picture of the main motive and after a short countdown you will get a picture of yourself.

After taking the pictures, you can choose between two great templates. The first is a classic one with a line to seperate the two images. In the second template your portrait is fitted in an old school frame.

Now you can scale and move your pictures, slide the line inbetween or change the order of the pics.

If you have chosen the old school template, you can now scale and move the portrait. To modify the picture inside of the old school frame, just make a double tap. With a double tap you get back to the main view.

Now your mocamPro image is completed. Have a look at your little masterpiece. If you want to make further changes, just go back to the edit mode. For saving or sharing just tap on it.

You have several choices to go on with your picture. Save it to your camera roll, share it with your friends on facebook or simply send an email. Enjoy your unique moment taken with mocamPro.

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